Thursday, August 12, 2010

Just Picture's....

Hi Everyone
Not a lot going on today,but wanted to share
a few picture's with you..
One being what mom found in one of our Plum Tree's
in the back yard today..
The other's are of me and my baby brother Kodie Blue..
Oh,before I forget,my Auntie Susan came over today..
She's back in town for a few weeks house sitting for
some friends of her's.
She moved to July to be with Uncle Tim..
Take care everyone..
Good night and God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Hi Everyone
Once again,it's been a long time sense I've posted..
Kodie and I are doing just great..
He's just the bestest little brother any furkid
could ever have..
He's so funny too...
I had to go to the doctor last week,seems cause
it's been so dry,and a lot of thingy from the
tree's and plants floating around,I got a hot spot..
And let me tell you,you have never itched like I
itched with this hot spot..
But it's almost gone now,just have a bare spot on
my fanny where the doctor shaved my fur off...
Ok,mom say's it's time to go to bed..
So I will say good night for now..
Love you all
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mine & Brother's Check Up

Hi everyone..
Welcome to summer in Washington...
Boy has it been hot,hot,hot here..
Mom has had all kinds of fans going and
window's open and the door..
But I guess it's better than the cold weather
we were having...

Thurs mom and Sissy took me and my little
brother Kodie to see Dr.Rabkin..
I have a wart thingy on my tail and mom was
really worried about it..
Dr.Rabkin said it was nothing to worry about..
I had to step on the scale while there,and I've lost
2 lbs..
Mom is so happy about that..
Now she can't call me a little "Porker" anymore...

Kodie got to meet Dr.Rabkin also..
He thought Kodie was just the nicest little boy..
Only he's not so little..
He tip the scale at 12.9 lbs..
Dr.R said that he is one very strong pupster..

He also said he was glad that the two of us
get along so well..

Kodie will need to have his teeth cleaned in the future,and
I need to have a molar removed some time in the near future..
But other than that,we both checked out great..

Hope everyone had a safe and fun filled 4th of July..
It sure was loud here with all the thingy going off..

Ok,time for lunch,so better go see what mom is making..
Have a wonderful and safe week-end..
Love and God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hi everyone..
Hope your having a good week-end..
There have been lot's of loud funny sounding
things going off for a few day's now..
Mom say's their fire works..Whatever that is..
I know me and Kodie sure don't like them..
They scare us..

Not sure what we are doing tomorrow,but I sure hope
it's quiet and no loud funny sounds..

Mom talked to my Grandma Liz today..
She's moving down here with us..
I can't wait..I just love her..
My "Little Stuck Up Brother"isn't nice to
Grandma Liz at all...
He try's to bite her..
She can feed him treats and that's ok,but then
he will try and nip at her if she move's..
Silly little brother..Grandma's really kool..

Anyway,not much else is new to write about.
So I'll go for now..

Me,Kodie and Mom want to wish all of you a
Safe and Happy 4th of July
God Bless Our Troops and Veterans
Shadow Dancer

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good evening everyone....
Hope all have had a good day..
Kodie and I didn't do much today,just snoozed
and ran around the yard..

At one point when mom let us out we were really
We ran out the door and right across the street..
Boy did mom get mad at us and tell us we were
very bad boy's.
Guess we won't do that again..

Mom's BP has been dropping again,so she has to drink
lots of G2 water.
I worry about her sometimes.
The doctor told her that she doesn't have enough
liquids in her system and that's why she get's dizzy and cold,
and it makes her BP go really low..

Mom and dad were at the landlords house today painting..
So me and Kodie stayed home and protected things for them.
Were really good watch furkids...

I want to thank my Cousin Mary Margaret for getting mom
to let me start blogging again..
Thanks Cuz...

Ok,I guess that's about it for today..
Take care,have a wonderful evening.
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hi Everyone
I know it's been a really long time sense I've been on here..
Just so much has been going on..
Mom had to retire do to health issues,we moved,
and I got a new baby brother..
We moved in with my daddy..
Got lots of green grass to roll in and sniff..
Lots of really big tree's to check out..
Just ever so much fun...
And now about my new baby brother..
His name is Kodie Blue and he's a rescue from
the same place I came from.
My Auntie Valeri runs the rescue and she told mom
about Kodie and mom told daddy,and the day before
Easter,they went down to Seattle and got Kodie and
brought him back..
I wasn't thrilled at first,but I got used to him..
He's pretty kool,for a baby brother..
He's a lot bigger than me,but still about 3 1/2 years younger
than me,so that makes him my baby brother..
Now I have some real exciting news.
In 8 day's my Grandma Liz is moving down here to be
with us...
I just love Grandma Liz.
Her and mom are best of friends.
She's my daddy's mom..
Now for other new's..
We have two baby brother puppy's...
Their Golden Retriever/Lab/Rotty..
Their about 9 or 10 weeks old and already bigger than me..
Thor is Grandma's and Weiser is Daddy,s..
Their mom Bear the Golden belongs to my Auntie Mary,daddy's sister..
Talk about peskie..Geez..
They chase me and Kodie all over the yard..
I snap at them and run..
They have the nerve to head butt me in my behind...
Not nice at all...
And then they go after Kodie..He's not one bit afraid of them..
Ok,guess that's it for now..
I will try real hard not to be gone so long...
But when things get crazy around here,there's no telling when I
will be back...
But I made a promise to my cousin Mary Margaret that I would try
and start posting again...
This one's for you Cuz MM..
Love and God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Good evening everyone..
It is with a very heavy heart that I bring you
the sad new's that my cousin Scarlett has gone
to the Rainbow Bridge..
Scarlett's mom and dad and two brother's were on
the road in Uncle John's 18 wheeler when Scarlett got
real sick..
Sadly she couldn't hold on any longer..
We loved her and miss her so very much..
We are so sadden that she is gone,but we know she is at
peace at the bridge..
Cousin Scarlett was a very sweet and loving little Yorkie Girl.
I know mom and me are sadden that she is gone,but we know
Auntie Connie and Uncle John are crying so hard for the loss of
their baby girl...
If we could take their tear's away,we would be very glad to do it..
We love Auntie Connie and Uncle John and hate that they are hurting
so much..
There is a poem that mom read to me that goes something like this..
If tear's could have saved you,you would have lived forever..
Rest in peace Cousin Scarlett,we love and miss you..
Till we meet at the Beautiful Rainbow Bridge..
God Speed Baby Girl
Love Cousin Shadow Dancer and Auntie Dee

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi there.
I know I haven't been around much again..
Mom has been so busy..
Just wanted to pop in and introduce you to my new
Uncle Jack.
He's just so much fun.
He let's me have his key's to play with...
Uncle Jack will even get down on the floor and play
with me..
Mom thinks that I love Uncle Jack more than her,but I don't..
I love mom more than anything in the whole wide world..
But I love my Uncle Jack too...
Anyway,it's time to get mom going and ready for work..
It's her Friday..Whoopieeee..
So,y'all have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead..
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hi Everyone..
Once again,it's been awhile sense I've posted..
A lot has been going on..
Right after Thanksgiving,my mom went to the dentist
and had all of her bad teeth pulled..
Now I have more teeth than she
She doing ok now,just has to gum everything till she
get's her new teeth...
Then after that,my Auntie Susan was rushed to the hospital..
Her BP,whatever that is was so high 248/117 it scared all of us..
She's doing better,but has a new doctor and he is doing all kinds
of tests on her..
Sure hope this new doctor make my Auntie Susan all well..
Christmas was fun at home...
My Auntie Susan,Auntie Yvonne and Uncle Harrison came over
and we opened gifts...
Then,after they left,I got real upset..
Mom called my Sissy and asked if she could bring me over while
they had dinner and opened gifts...
Sissy said no,that they don't allow "Animals" in their house..
My mom was so ticked off..
She told Sissy that from now on Holiday's will be celebrated at our
house,that she will never leave me home alone again...
Just goes to show you what happens when you tick off a Redheaded,Latin
Hope all had a good Christmas...
Me and mom want to wish all a
Very Happy New Years...
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Evening everyone..
It's been a busy day for my mom again..
She had to take my Auntie Yvonne to the
dentist to have a bone shaved down in her
mouth and put in some stitches..
All went well..
So after that,they went shopping..
Got all the goodies for Turkey Day..
My mouth is watering already...
Not much else going on..
The weather hasn't changed much in the last
couple of weeks..
Windy,wet,and cold..
And has it ever been windy..
We had a big gust of wind one day,and me
and mom thought the kitchen window was
going to blow right in on us...
So we moved real fast to the other room..
Thank goodness the wind wasn't too bad today,
but the rain was really coming down...
People are saying that we won't get any of the
white stuff this year...
I don't know about that...
Several of the passes have already had a bunch
and some of them have even been closed for awhile...
Ok,mom say's it's time to shut things down and close
things up and get to bed..
Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.
Till we chat again...
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy Day

Good Evening everyone..
What a busy day me and mom had today..
Got up,and puttered around the house.
Then mom called Auntie Tif.
They talked for awhile...
The mom started moving things around..
That's when I stay out of her way...
Auntie Barb and Uncle Duane and Maggie
came over as you know if you read the last
three post..
Mom moved our CD player from the office to the
front room...
Moved the Bamboo plants to the coffee table so she
could put the CD player on the table that the plants
were on...
She also made Laz. for dinner...
OMGosh,it smelled so good..
I got a few nibbles of the noodles..
It was just heavenly...
Mom made a pan so full,she could feed 20 people.
I think she's gonna freeze some..
Well,mom say's it's time to wrap it up...
The weather is really bad tonight..
The weatherman said the wind was going to blow
between 70 and 75 mph..
We think he's not to far off..
It just awful out there..
Hope y'all have a good evening and
a wonderful week ahead..
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Maggie at Auntie's 3rd Video

View Video
This is the last video mom took
of Maggie today...
Just look at that cute little face..
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Maggie and Me..2nd Video

You have new Picture Mail!
Here's the second video of Maggie
and me..
She's such a cutie for a cousin..

Maggie at Auntie's Dee's

View Video Here is my cousin Maggie and
Auntie Barb and me...
As you can see,I wasn't overly thrilled...
But Maggie is a cute little baby girl..
Just don't tell her I said so...
God Bless
Shadow Dancer
Meet my cousin Maggie..
She a girl,and my cousin Danny daughter..
Anyway,Maggie is just a baby,and love's to
The first time I seen her,she chased me all over
the house..
Under the bed,up on the bed,there was no place
I could go to get away from her...
I wasn't sure what she was at first other than this
ball of fur with 4 legs..
She might come over tomorrow with Auntie Barb and
Uncle Duane...
I'll try and get mom to take picture's and posts them tomorrow
Anywho,it's after midnight PST,and I need to get mom into bed.
She's been playing with her signature on her e-mails for hour's
and now she has a pain in her neck...No it's not me...
Anyway,Good night,sweet dreams,till we chat again..
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sad Day For Auntie Deb In Indiana

It's was a very sad day for my Auntie Deb
in Indiana and for me and mom..
My Auntie Deb's mom,my Grandma Kathy went to
be with God up in heaven.
Grandma Kathy had been sick for a long time,and
just wasn't getting any better..
So I guess God thought it best she come home to be
with him...
We miss you Grandma Kathy...
Love your Granddoggie Shadow Dancer
And Daughter Dee..
Hi everyone..
I know it's been a real long time sense
I've posted..
Had a lot of things going on over the summer..
Mom was working so much,she was just too tired
to help me post.
And she was very upset for a long time.
You see my sister Char Bright,had to go to another
She just didn't like me and tried to um,well we'll just
say hurt me really bad one night..
And mom was really upset by that..
So we talked about it and felt it would be best if Char Bright
was an only child in another home..
We miss her,but we just know she's happier now.
Mom's cut down to a 4 day work week now..
She has some really painful things going on in her hip
and lower back,so she felt it best to only do 4 day's instead
of 5.
I really like having her home for 3 day's in a row..
She's been on vacation for the last 6 day's and still has 4 more to go..
It's so nice to get up in the morning and know that she doesn't
have to leave to go to work..
Well,it's about that time of the night when I have to go tuck
mom into bed..
I promise I will try and post more often...
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Monday, May 25, 2009

My New Sister

Hi everyone..
Sorry it has been so long sense I wrote..
Just been really busy...
But I wanted to introduce to you my new baby
sister Char Bright..
As baby sister's go,she a royal pain most of the time..
But she still a baby and had a terrible life before me
and mom got her..
Char Bright is from a Puppy Mill..
And we all know how they are treated in those terrible places..
But now she has a home where she is loved and spoiled the way
she should have always been..
Char is about a year old and has already has two litter's of pups..
She a a little trouble seeing,but Dr.R said it's cause there is a little
shot circut from the brain to the eye's..
But her eye's are clear..
She might have been jumped by a big dog or droped or who know
She live all of her short life in a cage..
I just can't understand some humans...
Would they like to live in a cage all their life?
I don't think so..
Anyway,she has the best home now and we love her very much..
Happy Memorial Day to you and your's..
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Passing of Uncle Randy's Mom

It is with a heavy heat that I have to let you know that
my Uncle Randy's mom passed away today...
His mom Janet had been sick for awhile..
Me and mom ask that you say a prayer for Janet Wilson
that she rest in peace at Gods side..
And for Uncle Randy and his brother and sister and dad.
That their pain lessen each day..
We know the pain that they feel right now..
Gods Speed Janet Wison..
We love you Uncle Randy..
Shadow Dancer and Mom Dee

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nurse Shadow Dancer

Hi everyone,sorry I haven't
written is awhile,but mom's been really sick..
She came home from work on Sunday after 2 1/2 hours..
I've been nurse to her ever sense...
She has that nasty bug that is going around Washington..
Coughing,sneezing,just not feeling good at all...
Good thing she has two more days off to get well...
Mom hasn't been sleeping well either..
She's up and down all night...
Sure make's it hard for a kid to get some sleep..
But she will get better..She has to..
My Cousin Danny is coming Thurs for 4 days..
And we want to have fun,and not be quiet while mom
try's to rest and get well..
So she just has to be well by then...
Ok,I'd better go check on her and see if she needs anything..
I will post when I can on how she is doing..
God Bless
Nurse Shadow Dancer

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Late,Very Late

Hi everyone,
Sorry it's been so long sense I've posted..
Had a lot going on over the Holidays...
So I will try and catch you up on what I was doing..
Christmas Eve my Auntie Barb,Uncle Duane and Cuz Danny
came over and we exchanged gifts..
I got a new rain coat from them.
Really nice and warm and it's blue and green..
Mom got me a new bed..Really nice one..
After she bought my new bed,she got home and checked the mail,
and my Auntie Connie sent me a new hide-a-pup bed that she made for me..
I now have 5 beds..
Mom got all Yorkie things and Mary Kay..
Auntie Barb gave mom all kinds of yorkie things.
Then my Auntie Pat send mom more yorkie things too..
Mom was so happy...
New Years Eve me and mom stayed home..
Watched the fireworks on TV wished each other a happy new year's,
then went to bed..
It was a great holiday season..
Now were are having terrible weather..
All the snow we had is now melting under the heavy rain we are having..
Flooding everywhere..
Some county's are under a State of Emergency..
And of course the one mom and me live in,is one of them..
But we are safe,we live on top of a hill..
Auntie Barb is safe,she live's up in the Mt.'s..
Ok,time to call it a night..
Take care and remember to tell those you love,that you love them..
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Monday, December 1, 2008

Short Video

Hi eveyone..
Mom made a short video of me the other night..
Some can't open it,so my Auntie Pat said to put it on my blog..
So we,(Me,Mom,and Sissy) are going to try...
Crossing all finger's and paws that it works...
God Bless everyone
Shadow Dancer

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgivinb Day

Hi everyone...
It's Turkey Day...
Mom didn't cook one,but she went to her friend and co-workers for dinner
and had a really good time..
When she got home,my sissy and nephew were here waiting for her...
Shayne flew up from Las Vegas on Wed..
We are getting to know each other and I gotta tell ya,he's really one kool dude...
He plays with me and rubs my tummy...Yep,he's pretty kool
Last Sunday Mom got the biggest surprise...
My Auntie Joanie and the gang were at her store to see her..
My Auntie Barb was in on the surprise too...Figure's doesn't
They all went to dinner at Denny's...
It was the only place Auntie Joanie could park her big rig...
Mom said that all three of my cousin's were just the greatest..
I'll attach a picture of them and of Shayne..
Not much going on here...
The weather has turned really cold,so mom has to keep all three heaters going full blast
at night..
But like she says,we can't freeze at night..
Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving...
It's bed time for me and mom...
She got up early this morning so she could go into work early
and get off early...
Anyway,I hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day...
Be kind to one another and God Bless..
Shadow Dancer

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Vacation Is Almost Over

Hi everyone...
Hope all are doing well...
We are trying to stay dry..
It's been raining really hard all day and night..
And we have really strong winds too...
All of Western Washington is under a flood watch..
Not sure what that means,but mom say's it's not good...
Well,tomorrow is the last day of our vacation,the mom has to go back
to work on Thurs...
We didn't go anywhere,just stayed home and got some things done...
Tomorrow my Sissy and Auntie Teresa are coming over,but I won't get to see
much of them..
I have to go see Miss Holly...
The girls call it a spa day,I call it getting a bath and hair cut and nails
But maybe Sissy and Auntie Teresa will still be there when I get home..
Me and mom made blueberry muffins today...
Mom bought a new muffin pan from the Animal Rescue Site..
It's puppie paw's...
Just too cute...
We gave some to Sissy and to my Auntie Jessie...
Well,not much to talk about tonight,so I guess I will get mom and have her get things
closed up and ready for bed...
It's getting late and I'm getting tired...
I got up early this morning...
I think the rain and wind woke me up...
Sure be glad when it's all over with....
I really feel sorry for all the kitty's and critter's that don't
have a nice warm home to go to...
I'm really lucky that I have my mom to keep me warm and dry.
Oh,and very well fed..
Have a good evening and a wonderful tomorrow..
Remember our troops today,and everyday..
Mom say's they keep our country free...
God Bless them and Everyone...
Shadow Dancer

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Wet Vacation

Hi y'all...
Well,me and mom are finally on vacation...
And let me tell you,it is so nice to have mom home everyday..
She did go see my Auntie Judy at work today and took her lunch...
She was working all by herself today...
It's has been a really wet vacation so far..
It's been raining all night and day and night for day's now...
The yard next to me and mom is flooded...
Thank goodness there is a little bit of a of a hill between our yard and
the neighbors otherwise we would be flooded too...
We don't have any real plans to go anywhere,just hang out at home
and get somethings done..
My Sissy got back from Calif.tonight,and I can't wait to see her..
She was in Calif.for her Graduation...
She's a Paralegal now..
Me and mom are so proud of her...
Mom is watching the weather report,and we are still under a flood watch,
along with 7 other countys..
They are saying we could get another 2 inches in the next 24 hours..
Idon't know where it's gonna go,the ground is already soaked....
Sure hope there isn't any mud slides...
Ok,mom say's it's time to get to bed...
Gee's on vacation and you think she would stay up late...
But that's ok,I get her up early every morning just like I always do...
It's my job you know..
Check out the picture of my Sissy I posted on here...
I thinks she pretty cute,for a sissy...hehehe
Have a good evening and a wonderful day tomorrow...
God Bless each and everyone of you..
Shadow Dancer

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Vacation Is Coming Soon

Hi Everyone
Sorry it has been so long sense I've posted..
Mom has been real busy,and very tired when she get's home from
She fixes our dinner reads some mail and is ready to fall into bed..
I sure will be glad when she get's her vacation the end of the month..
She is way past due for one...
I think her and Sissy and maybe Auntie Barb are going to the San Juan Islands
on one of her vacation day's..
I know the second day of her vacation she has to go to work..
Yep,that's right,she has to work one of her vacation day's..
And it's Halloween too...
She is talking about dressing up as Dorothy from the Wizzard of Oz and
dressing me as Toto...
Like I really need to dress as a Yorkie..
Last time I check,I was a yorkie...Mom's,gee's...
Mom only has to work for a few hour's,but still..
Anyway,we shall see...
Wed.Mom went over to my Auntie Jamie's house,for the afternoon..
They had a great time..
Went to the Olive Garden for lunch..
And mom brought back one of the yummy bread sticks for me..
Well,I didn't get the whole thing,but I did get a few bite's...
Me and mom talked to my Auntie Joanie and Sweet Pea,Nickie and Sugar tonight..
It's alway so nice to talk to them...
They were in Canada...
All are doing well and Nickie is getting stronger everyday...
That really made me and mom happy...
Anyway,mom say's it's time to get ready for bed..
She has to work tomorrow..
So,take care and remember to tell your loved one's that you love them...
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Cousin Xuxa the Keeshound

Good Evening
It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that on the 17th of Aug.2008 my
very special cousin Xuxa Joy left us for the Rainbow Bridge..
Xuxa had been in failing health for sometime..
My Auntie Jamie called my mom and asked her if she and my Sissy
would go with her to the Animal Doctor..
The Dr.said it was time,that there wasn't anymore they could do for her.
Mom,Sissy and Auntie Jamie spend time with Xuxa sitting on the floor stroking her
hair and telling her how much they loved her..
The Dr.asked if they had any kind of food they would like to give here..
Something she would really like that she normally couldn't have..
Sissy had a box of Whopper's in her car,so she ran and got it..
Xuxa hadn't eaten in a day,but mom said she really gobbled up them Whopper's...
When it was time for her to go to the Bridge,Sissy left the room,while mom and Auntie Jamie stayed..
The end came quickly and was painless.
We will alway love and miss Xuxa.
She was and always will be a very special cousin and my friend..
Gods Speed Xuxa, Me and mom and Sissy love and miss you..
You will be forever in our hearts..
Love always
Cousin Shadow,Auntie Dee and Sissy Christal
God Bless

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dog Fest At Lake Padden

Hi Everyone...
What a day we had today...
Mom,Sissy and me met up with Auntie Barb and Cuz
Danny and went to the Dog Fest at Lake Padden...
Had a great time..
It did get really cold at the end..
Mom had me wrapped up inside her jacket trying to keep
both of us warm...
But we had a good time..
Got lot's of free stuff..
And I even won a stuffie for dancing..
They don't call me Shadow "Dancer" Davis for nothing ya know..
Mom had my picture taken,and she will get to pick it up next week...
Can't wait to see how handsome I look..
Mom took all kinds of picture's of me and Cuz Danny and some of the other
furbabie's that were there..
We even seen her friends Terry and Liz and their yorkie Teddy..
He's a real handsome dude...
It was so much fun,but I'm really tired now,so I think I will give mom back
the puter and crawl into my widdle bed..
Nighty nite to all..
God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Birthday Party

Hi everyone...
Yesterday was my Birthday Party..
Yep,my mom and sissy gave me a party...
We BBQed and had mac salad and potato salad..
And all kinds of goodies..
And cake,I had a cake for my birthday..
Mom wrote my name on it in gum drops..
She let me have a little peice,and was it ever yummy...
My Uncle's Darne and Norm were there and my Auntie Mine'
and Auntie Yvonne and Cuz Raggs AKA Harrison..
And Auntie Diana and Uncle Brad stopped for a minute..
I got all kinds of pressie's...
New shirts and sweater's and a new water and food bowl.
And doggie perfume from Paris...
I tell you,I'm one lucky little boy..
And I got the bestest new's ever...
Sissy told mom and me last night that she is going
to move up here with us in Nov...
Mom was so happy she was crying all over Uncle Norm shoulder...
That was the bestest pressie ever...
Well,it's about time to get ready for bed...
So I will say good night for now...
Be kind to each other and God Bless
Shadow Dancer

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Sissy's Here

Hi everyone..
Sorry I haven't posted in sometime..
But my Sissy is here and I want to spend all the time I can
with her before she goes back to California..
Sissy AKA Christal is so much fun...
She take's me for walks on the beach,play's with me..
She even let's me go with her to drive mom to work in the mornings...
We had my cousin's Xuxa and Kiwi and Danny here last week..
Talk about a house full of furbabies...
Last week was my 5th birthday...
But we are having a big BBQ on Friday for my big party...
Lot's of friends and pressie's...
And the best part is,I get cake...
Not a lot,but mom said I could have a little of my birthday cake...
I can hardly wait...It's going to be so much fun..
I'm so glad my sissy will be here for my party...
She just love's me so much..And I love her too...
Well,I better go now..Time to snuggle with mom and sissy...
Have a great evening...And remember to love each other...
God Bless
Shadow Dancer